Classic Religious Statues




Classic Religious Statues

Since the early days of the Roman Catholic Church, followers have been inspired by paintings and three-dimensional representations of the most revered entities in their faith.

Statues of Jesus, Mary, the saints and angels adorned churches, monasteries, convents and seminaries, as well as private homes.

Since Vatican II - The Second Vatican Ecumenical Council of 1962-65 - the Church has made a number of major changes, and part of the trend towards 'modernization' has been the modification or discarding of many traditions, including the presence of statues in churches.

sacred heart
The Sacred Heart

In Australia, statues from many parishes have found their way into garage sales, where some are snapped up by collectors who pay to have them restored. Others suffer a sadder fate, being discarded at municipal dump sites or, in one instance, tossed into a river.

This site will feature a collection of religious statues painted and/or restored by an Italian-Australian artist who began his business in 1935 in Melbourne and retired in 2006. Some images are snapshots taken in the artist's workshop; others are of his statues in churches where they are still displayed, and some are from the private collections of his clients.

We trust you'll enjoy this nostalgic look at some of the classic religious statues from the past 70 years.

Please note that the statues on this web site are from private collections and are not for sale. The artists listed on the Restoration Services page may have similar models available for purchase, so any inquiries should be made directly to them via the Contact Us page.